Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We as Chugai Mining Co.,Ltd, recognize importance of the privacy information protection in the high information and communication society and try for the protection of the personal information based on the following policies.

1. We acquire personal information by legitimate fair means to win about the acquisition of the personal information.

2. We use personal information in a necessary limit in accomplishment of duties in a range of the use purpose that they showed in the case of the acquisition.

3. We perform reasonable supervision to let you maintain a secret after we use personal information between the third person jointly, and having conducted a fair investigation for the third person concerned when, in addition, I entrust the third person with the handling of the personal information.

4. We do not offer personal information to the third person unless they fix it for laws and ordinances without obtaining the person himself’s consent beforehand.

5. We keep the accuracy of the personal information and manage this safely.

6. We take reasonable information security measures for unjust access, the computer virus to prevent the loss of the personal information, destruction, manipulation and a leak.

7. We take personal information, and we do not let you leak out by transmitting a message to the outside.

8. When the person himself confirms that We have a right to demand disclosure / a correction / a use stop / elimination about personal information of the self, and there are these demands, we cope immediately without demur.

9. We appoint a personal information protection manager and carry out the reasonable management of the personal information.

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