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The aim of the Chugai Mining Group is continual growth on the strength of our versatile creative power

The Chugai Mining Group is a group of companies consisting of two subsidiaries, including the current company.

Our core businesses include precious metals, real estate, and our key machinery business, and with the establishment of a new Content Business, we continue to expand into many fields.

We have many business offices in major cities nationwide for our precious metals business, and with our expansion into the recycling business, we now carry out the purchase, purification, and sales of precious metal raw materials such as gold and platinum. In the future, we will enhance our service to the community through the establishment of new business offices, with an eye to both the present and the future.

Our real estate business is currently focusing on newly built detached houses, land sales, and renovated condominium sales. While continuing to follow trends in the marketplace, we will work to enhance profitability through the effective use of the urban properties held by this company.

Our machinery business is involved in the buying and selling of a variety of machine tools, such as NC lathes and machining centers, which are basis of the machining industry. We currently hold the top spot in the used machine tools market, and we have been steadily expanding our sales channels through the dissemination of information to the market as a price leader.

Our Content Business makes use of human resources and know-how developed over many years for character product planning, production, and sales. Our objective is to create a business model in cooperation with our precious metal and jewelry businesses.

As we continue to make full use of these four businesses, our most important focus is the bold and flexible thinking of all the officers and employees of the Chugai Mining Group, and we aspire to be a company with continual growth.