Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At the Precious Metal Business Tokyo Plant, we take the utmost care to conserve theenvironment through the management of our waste water and exhaust gas.

The processed waste water is neutralized and filtered to remove all metal in our waste water processing facility.

At the final waste water disposal pipe, we are constantly monitoring water quality. Should there be an irregularity in the waste water, all water procurement and discharge will be stopped. Even in the event of natural disasters like the event of an earthquake, it is highly unlikely that waste water in the process of metal refinement will leak into the environment.

Gases that are generated during the refining process is filtered with chemicals before being released into the open air.

To secure a safe working environment, all gases emited during our refining process is collected and processed in our gas cleaning tower. In the gas cleaning tower, gases are broken down and absorbed so that any exhaust released is clear and free of any smells. Even in the event of such unforeseen accidents as power failure, gas producing processes will be immediately stopped and the sections will be sealed to prevent leakage.

In the future, Chugai Mining will continue to be considerate of the environment, promote recycling, and remain a socially responsible corporate citizen.

In addition to the maintenance and management of closed mines, Chugai Mining is contributing to conservation through the processing of mine waste water at the Jokoku Mine.

Also, Chugai Mining owns 4.36 hectares of mountainous forest in Kuromatsunai-cho, Suttsu District, Hokkaido, with over 10,000 Japanese larch being planted and harvested, cooperating with the Minami-Shiripeshi Forestry Cooperative’s forest management efforts as part of its global conservation efforts.