Machinery business

Machinery business

The Largest Share in the Industry, Expanding into Overseas Markets

The Machinery Business Division focuses on the procurement and sale of machine tools, including items of mother machinery such as NC lathes and machining centers, plating machinery such as punching machines and laser machines, and various types of pressing machinery for a wide range of processing, from precise molding to large-size molding.

Intex Co., Ltd., our consolidated subsidiary company, procures and sells pre-owned machine tools and sheet metal processing machinery through their branches in major cities throughout Japan. It has established a top-class position in the industry.

As the industry’s price leader, we have a great influence on the market. We also publish the very latest news and information on various machines and tools in our monthly journal “New Machine Tool” (Japanese only). We are now focusing on compiling customer information by hosting biddings in many parts of the country and expanding our sales channels.

We are making great efforts to enhance our system for selling new machine tools while utilizing our know-how to expand our business in overseas markets.