Business outline

Business Outline

The Chugai Mining Group is comprised of four mainstay enterprises. All four divisions (Precious Metal Business Division, Real Estate Business Division, Content Business Division and Machinery Business Division) share the following motto: “All staff will consider from a management perspective how the job should be done in line with the times, and this will be reflected in all operations.” With this shared understanding, all staff go about their everyday work under the slogans of “passing on technology and expertise built up in the past” and “taking up the challenge of new fields.”

An era of tumultuous change requires global thinking in every arena. Thus we naturally expect our staff to engage in big-picture global-level thinking?not local-level Japan-centric thinking.

As a company we are aiming to efficiently mobilize internal resources, such as people, goods, capital, and information, within the group, and to manage in a responsive fashion, employing flexible and multi-faceted strategies. The Chugai Mining Group also has a constant need for the energy of youth, to serve as the driving force in the growth of the company.